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Triple Bay Storage Cupboard - 861mm High

Triple Bay Storage Cupboard - 861mm High
Triple Bay Storage Cupboard - 861mm High
Product Ref WB22G2
Width 1024mm
Depth 480mm
Height 861mm
Our price: £340.80
including VAT 20.00 % ( £56.80 )
Unit Combination

Product Descriptions

  • Boom! Relax office furniture brings you a Triple-Bay Storage Cupboard.
  • Relax Office Furniture has a vast variety of different cupboards in different materials, sizes, shapes, and heights.
  • We provide storage solutions so you can organize your office or home easily.
  • Relax use high-quality material in producing the cupboards.
  • Triple Bay Storage Cupboard - 861mm High comes with a 25mm thick top along with an 18mm carcass body and solid back panel.
  • This mobile triple bay storage cupboard comes with a double door along and silver curved aluminum handles.
  • Optional static, and locks are available.
  • The 480mm deep universal cupboard comes in beech, maple, light oak, grey, and white.                                                                                                                                       


  • Triple Bay Storage Cupboard - 861mm High comes with a 5-years guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • This guarantee is effective from the date of supply.
  • Relax Office Furniture reserves the right to not apply the guarantee in cases of any misuse of product or interventions by a third-party/unauthorized person.


  • This item usually takes 1-3 weeks to deliver.
  • Delivery is to mainland UK only.
  • Simple Self Assembling is required. But we can provide the installation service on demand.

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    Don’t Bet on These Sports Betting Scams.
    May 6, 2019 by ZeroFOX Alpha Team.
    The intersection of technology and sports is growing rapidly. Combine this issue with the legalization of and broad-based support for sports gambling, and there is a significant opportunity for criminals to leverage social media to cause temporary disruptions that create advantageous positions. In the lead up to the 2018 Olympics, think tanks researched how the outcome of sporting events can be manipulated as automation and electronic scoring and replay become more mainstream. While the integrity of the sport is important, what is easier to manipulate and more likely to see early manipulation is betting lines before large sporting events.
    Placing Safe Bets.
    Gone are the days where betting lines are based on box scores, weather, and gut feeling. Like the stock market, sports books has moved to advanced algorithms to set the bet. These formulas rely on data from what are classified as verified sources to make adjustments to what the line should be. This introduces a weakness into the system that can be manipulated for short periods of time. We have already seen this type of manipulation in the stock market, when a hacked AP Twitter account tweeted that there was an attack on the White House in 2013. The market had a flash crash that shed over 100 points in minutes as all the algorithms responded to the news.
    Beware of Hacked and Impersonating Accounts.
    With the current explosion of analytic data for sports outside of baseball, betting lines are similarly vulnerable to hacked social media accounts causing short duration, but advantageous fluctuations in the line. Fake injury reports, rumors of suspensions, trades, or even team discipline – if coming from verified sources – would manipulate betting lines across the country, if only for a short while. This new monetization stream introduces new digital risk that moves beyond the traditional fears of fixed games and must move into the world of weaponized information that is beyond the control of the franchises themselves.
    Identifying Betting Scams.
    As more and more betting migrates onto online platforms, scammers have naturally shifted their attack surfaces to these platforms as well, with particular focus on social media. Capitalizing on the inherent trust that social networks establish between users, bad actors engage with unsuspecting users, building rapport through direct message before requesting funds or financial account information and completing their attack.
    Some of the top betting scams on social media are related to soliciting basic investments, joining betting syndicates, and the sale of prediction software. Investment scams look similar to other money flipping scams that run rampant on social media. They require an immediate investment upfront with promise of returns much larger than the initial sum. Typically these scams will require the user to provide funds through wire, cashier’s check or by sharing direct account information so as to avoid potential credit card claims once the scam is identified. Sports investment scams target not only individuals (and particularly those who appear to have money to spend) but whole organizations as well, framing these scams as business opportunities.
    Betting syndicates are another common scam found across social media. These scams offer the promise of joining a pool of betters with an expert placing bets on your behalf. With these scams, you are asked to contribute funds upfront with recurring installments made over time, with the promise of receiving a percentage of the profits. In reality, you will never receive the profits of your investment and will in fact lose all the money you invested upfront as well.
    Another way scammers rely on technology to conduct betting fraud is through predictive software. Rather than betting based on stats or weather, social media users are pitched software that can allegedly predict the results of a game, based on historical trends and professionals. In actuality, the better may never receive any type of software – or worse, download malware in the process of using the software, which always under-delivers on its promises.
    Protect Yourself from Betting Scams.
    As long as sports betting has been around, scammers have tried to take advantage of legitimate betters and their money. With the increased use of social media and digital platforms, their methods for conducting these scams have become more wide-spread and sophisticated. It’s important to understand the warning signs before engaging with any betting account on social media to protect yourself and your organization from scams.
    Here are a few things ZeroFOX recommends:
    Thoroughly review the profiles of any and all accounts you engage with: Impersonating and hacked accounts serve as the foundation for many sports betting scams. Ensure the account you are communicating with is legitimate – check for verification badges, follower counts, account creation date and previous posts/comments. Look beyond the profile to investigate the company more broadly – what is their digital presence overall? Never provide financial information or PII over social media: No legitimate business would require you to send personal or financial information through direct message on social media so be wary of any account asking you to do so. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is: Accounts promising immediate or guaranteed returns should be major red flags, particularly when it comes to something as volatile as sports betting where there is no guaranteed outcome.
    As with anything you do online, make sure to do your due diligence when interacting with any posts and profiles and remember to stay safe on social.
    Stay Informed.
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    The most typical mistake sports activities bettors make is usually betting on the favorite team. With some routine knowledge of common football wagers and the betting procedure, you will not feel so overlooked. The ultimate way to take action is by checking out the free presents distributed by these sites. Enhanced odds presents are limited to clients and usually limited by a optimum stake of ВЈ5. The very least deposit of ВЈ10 is normally needed and the improved odds could be claimed after getting into the promo program code for the give. Registering with several bookmaker accounts definitely has its advantage.

    The Total Dummy’s Guide To Sports Betting Geolocation Technology.
    Geolocating requires a slightly different approach in different venues, states.
    So you’re in New Jersey with your mobile sports betting app up and ready to go. You go to place a bet and get rejected, because you’ve “failed” the geolocation test. How did that happen, you wonder? Or, you’re a bar owner in the District of Columbia and you’ve contracted with an interactive gaming provider. Will your customers be able to place a bet on the sidewalk or in the courtyard outside your place or only inside?
    Both good questions concerning geolocation, a key consideration amid the ongoing discussion about and expansion of mobile and internet sports betting. Regulations in legal sports betting jurisdictions require sportsbooks to use the technology, and only accept wagers from those physically present in-state, or else licensees will run afoul of the law.
    Geolocation sounds simple but in practice, not quite. First, definition. The online dictionary defines it as such: “the process or technique of identifying the geographical location of a person or device by means of digital information processed via the Internet.”
    Successful geotracking requires a combination of complex software and hardware designed to “fence” devices in or out of allowed usage areas. For example, in New Jersey, state-wide mobile sports betting is legal, so the state is essentially virtually “fenced” to allow users in the state to place sports bets. But not users who may have downloaded the software outside of New Jersey (or downloaded when inside and returned home outside). In Mississippi, where mobile sports betting is legal only on site at casinos, the same theory applies, but there’s a different kind of “fence” in play.
    Different kinds of geofencing available.
    Vancouver-based GeoComply has emerged as sports betting’s geofencing provider — police, if you will — of choice. The company monitors sports betting locations in New Jersey, Mississippi and Pennsylvania to name a few, and according to its website “serves 100 percent of the U.S. iGaming market.”
    As sports betting is legalized and launched in more and more states since the fall of PASPA last May, GeoComply has had to tailor its services to specific situations. There is no one-size-fits-all model. In a space as big as a state, geofencing is primarily accomplished by using existing software, like GPS, on smartphones, according to Lindsay Slader, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for GeoComply. But if you’re in Washington, D.C., where it is legal to have an interactive sportsbook in your bar (but yet to be implemented), then hardware, such as Bluetooth receivers, may be used to keep consumers from placing bets via a specific app once outside the bar.
    “We can see where someone is with great accuracy,” Slader said. “When it comes to regulated sports betting, integrity is important. We’re kind of doing everyone’s behind-the-scenes work.”
    Besides Washington D.C., lawmakers in Montana, Arizona and Tennessee are considering legalizing interactive sports betting in smaller spaces like bars, restaurants, convenience stores and truck stops. Slader said that in a much larger space, like a state, geolocation methods built into smartphones, which can be accurate to within about 70 meters, can suffice. But in smaller spaces, more precise accuracy is needed.
    Smartphone geolocation services don’t work for “an on-premise model at all. Some places may be only 70 meters wide, in the first place,” Slader said. “What needs to likely be done, is you have to augment the accuracy by adding hardware to the building, so it’s Bluetooth hardware, like within the car. You have to be within X number of feet for it to work. We can fine-tune this around doors, if the state’s legislation says you have to be cut off at the door, then you place extra hardware at the door.”
    Slader is quick to point out that different venues will require different methods of geolocation, and in some cases, different combinations of software and hardware, but that all require constant monitoring. GeoComply is constantly “checking” locations on customers to ensure that they remain within the borders of where they are allowed to play, and that the hardware, in particular, can require hands-on maintenance.
    Spoofing geolocation services common.
    With regard to confirming a player’s location via smartphone technology, Slader said part of what her company does is make sure that users are where they say they are. Technology exists, and is easily available, to mask location, such as a “virtual private network” (VPN).
    Likewise, Slader explained that remote desk programs (think online meetings) can allow a consumer to “tunnel” into a location once the presenter gives other meeting attendees remote access to their computers, by, say, sharing on the screen. So, if a presenter in New Jersey held a meeting with a co-worker in California, that California co-worker’s location could be masked, and he or she could potentially place a sports bet as if they were in New Jersey as long as the remote access remained open.
    So, if you’re that person in New Jersey ready to place a bet, who “failed” the geolocation test, an open app that is masking your location could be why.
    There are other challenges at the state, and even city levels. For example, the New Jersey border extends into the bay off the coast of New Jersey and encompasses New York’s Ellis and Liberty islands. But neither are technically in New Jersey, so GeoComply must create a “cutout” of those areas because it is illegal to sports bet in New York. In addition, geolocating has to be specific enough around state borders to ensure that even those at or near the border are within the “fence.”
    An in-house study GeoComply did in New Jersey showed that 80 percent of the state’s sports betting traffic came from within 10 miles of the border and 44 percent within two miles. So, if geolocation isn’t accurate enough, operators might lose access to those customers.
    Truck stops, convenience stores present unique challenges.
    When it comes to maintaining geolocation services, GeoComply or any other vendor will have to be nimble and flexible. In Montana, sports betting won’t happen in casinos, but in smaller, often far-flung venues where hardware will have to be installed to prevent players from placing bets until they are inside a location with an interactive sportsbook. Slader said that could mean training route operators who service betting kiosks in how the technology works and how to repair it. Or, in some cases, installing multiple pieces of hardware — for example, two Bluetooth routers — at the same time, so if one fails, the backup can be activated.
    “At a casino, you may have IT professionals, so the challenge of [maintaining geofencing] is fairly straightforward,” Slader said. “Truck stops, convenience stores, you don’t have that same on-site staff, maybe not much staff at all in the building. Maybe the only worker is a route technician. … The hardware has to be turnkey and almost no work. Or route operators have to be trained.”
    Lawmakers and stakeholders in many states have voiced concern about how geofencing will work in their specific locations. At least one lawmaker included a “buffer zone” in legislation to allow for his concern that geofencing might not stop right at the door. And at a Montana hearing in March, a potential stakeholder voiced concern at the cost and effectiveness of geofencing for a bar vs. a casino.
    Geofencing isn’t as specific as inches, but Slader said there are different levels of accuracy depending on how geolocating is being performed. The accuracy of cell towers can be measured in miles, smartphone technology in meters or yards and Bluetooth technology in feet.

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