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Relax Systems Double Door 2000mm Height Cupboard

Relax Systems Double Door 2000mm Height Cupboard
Relax Systems Double Door 2000mm Height Cupboard
Product Ref SKU19432
Weight 115.50 kg
Guarantee 5 Years
Width 1020mm
Depth 550mm
Height 2000mm
Our price: £571.20
including VAT 20.00 % ( £95.20 )
Offering versatile and practical storage solutions, our Systems range will keep your office organized and looking neat and tidy. Staples for the modern office, cupboards, and bookcases with their minimal, modern styling and choice of wood finishes are a practical group of units that will sit comfortably in an office space without dominating it.
25mm tops with 18mm carcass and solid back panel
550mm deep premium systems cupboards supplied with metal fitment brackets
Available in beech, white and oak wood finishes to match desk ranges
Can be fitted with all systems internal fitments for an advanced storage solution
Designed to meet the clerical needs of any busy office
Lockable doors supplied with two keys and stylish, silver curved handles

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