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Relax Optional Handles

Relax Optional Handles
Relax Optional Handles Relax Optional Handles Relax Optional Handles Relax Optional Handles Relax Optional Handles Relax Optional Handles
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Product description


Either you want to use it for office furniture, home or educational furniture.

We are confident you will love to have relax optional handles. Why? Because our luxurious handles add an amazing finish touch to your furniture.

  • Relax optional handles are strong and durable. Their stainless steel and classic matte finish look well with accessories and appliances. It’s suitable for your Cabinets, pedestals, wardrobe, Plan chest and cupboards.
  • It comes in silver, white and black colours that suit all types of furniture. The knobs can also be provided on a customized based.
  • The black, silver and white handle have a very decent look that goes easily with antique, contemporary and transitional styles.
  • The modern, elegant optional handles can be replaced with old handles. It can be retro-fitted to your pedestals, Filing cabinets and plan chests.
  • You can easily insert it on any of your furniture. Because each handle has the same fixing with 96cm hole centres.

Buying Guide

How to buy the right office furniture handle?

The furniture handles are equally known as pulls. It plays a crucial role in improving the looks of our educational, home and office furniture.


To choose the right cabinet handles there are few things which we need to take care of.


You must have few questions in your mind.

  • From where I can buy the best optional handles?
  • What is the price of those handles?
  • Which furniture handles are best?
  • How do select the best one?

We are here to direct you on each step on how to buy the best optional handles for your furniture.


Buying the optional pulls is something you can absolutely get from anywhere. But to select the right one that suits and matches your furniture is something that takes an adequate amount of time.

Opening and closing cabinets, pedestals, cupboards seem to be easy. But it becomes more convenient when you put the best handle on that.


While choosing the handles, you should be aware of these few points:


  • Perfect Grip.
  • It’s easy to handle.
  • Your hands are easily fitting into it.
  • The handles don’t have sharp edges due to that it might leave rough patches on your hands.


The next step is to choose the style.

Either modern, traditional or transitional. Choose the style/design wisely.


Your choice will automatically represent the room. So choose those handles that altogether go to your furniture design and colour.


The third thing is Cost. It is the basic and most important concern of consumers.


You have to compare the price for the product you are paying for. But before that, you have to check out the finishing look, quality and weight of the material.


Material & Finish Look

Naturally to purchase the right handle for your office furniture or home. You have to note their finishes.


Few handle finishes are zinc, chrome, nickel, etc.


Select the Manufacturer

Last not least, install the handles in your furniture. You can either select the manufacturer or can do this easy work by yourself.


Hope you like my relax optional handles mini-buying guide.