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Deluxe Polyurethane ESD Chair

Why ESD Draughtsman chairs are best for Factory

ESD chairs and Relax Factory chairs are the solutions to static electricity discharge. The people who spent their time mostly in repairs or electronic industry, these discharge can cause serious damage and can cost a lot of money and time. The cost of damage caused by static discharge can go from a single diode to complex electronic devices and can cost you several dollars. The discharge coming from medical appliances, automobiles can cause serious danger so such an environment needs electro-static dissipative (ESD) draughtsman chairs.

Factory and Draughtsman Chair

Main Users:

The people working in the repair industry of electronic parts and devices should use these chairs. These static discharge can damage expensive cellphone, tablet, computer, and other smart devices. It can occur during repairing where people may also be present. These chairs are mainly chairs for factory workers. Who work in hard and sometimes very sensitive areas

How does it work?

ESD happens when static electricity forms up on the surface of any less conductive object that rubs against another object. By sitting on the chair you generate an electrostatic charge on your own clothes. Whenever you lean forward, backward you take charge with you. Your body voltage can rise very rapidly to a high voltage as the charge is separated from its counter charge on the chair. 

Why ESD draughtsman Chair

Adjustable workshop stool and draughtsman chairs are not only efficient in dissipating static heat but also its design help in increasing comfort and productivity of workers. These are kind of chairs which would give you more advantage for less money.

ESD chairs are made with highly recommended fabrics and vinyl

  • These chairs come with Adjustable  backrests
  • These have Strong Metal Frames
  • These chairs  provide Solid Height Adjustments
  • Ergonomic seating

Benefits of ESD Chair

  • ESD Chairs are specifically made to guard yourself against electrostatic discharge issues.
  • ESD chairs use non-conductive materials, static-free fabric and static-free castors in a chair that’s attractive and comfortable.
  • Urethane foam is used in seat and back to make it more comfortable.
  • Draughtsman chair is specifically made for use in electrical and repairing industry.
  • Maximum ergonomic support for sitting or standing workers
  • Reduce environmental pollutants in cleanroom applications
  • Make sure product reliability and worker efficiency

Workshop chair with wheels specifically designed and manufactured for use in the electronics and electrical industry. This range of chairs buildup of static electricity to the earth. Chairs and workbench stool UK  in Vinyl has gas lift height and seat depth adjustment. It can be used in various height workstation. Black bonded leather adjustable backrest and seat with waterfall front. It has a permanent contact backrest mechanism. Supplied with foot ring and feet or castors.

The Factory chairs are supplied with glides as standard. Please see the Castors/Glides option for the range that is available for this chair. When using castors please take in to account safety regulation in your working environment. This chair is upholstered in MediStat Black Vinyl. Fixed or adjustable arms are available. It is easy to be washed.

If your organization deals with electronic devices or sensitive component, or your organization needs environmental pollution at minute level. Then your need can only be fulfilled by factory stools and factory chairs.