Find your Perfect Desk Chair

Being comfortable at your desk is the first step to productivity and a proactive approach to business. It is therefore essential to select the right Desk Chair for posture, support and often the ability to effectively relax.

Chairs come in various sizes and styles and selecting the most suitable chair can be a little bamboozling. Consider the following steps to locate the perfect Desk Chair:

People are genetically different and sit at different heights and positions. Avoid chairs that are not adjustable in height or the result may be perched on your toes.

Although desk chairs are not designed for reclining, the best chairs allow for neck and head support. Find a chair that allows release of pressure from your neck.

Many office workers enjoy the safety of arm rests which allows for better posture and reduces the chance of repetitive strain injuries.

Although less important, selecting a satisfying colour scheme of desk chair can subtly raise moral and provide a sense of ownership; every little helps in the battle of desk work.

There you have it, selecting an appropriate chair will rid that unwanted lower back pain and offer versatility for comfort even at 9am on a Monday!