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Draughtsman chair

Why Draughtsman Chair is the Best Choice for Your Office Furniture

Draughtsman chair is specially designed to offer support while sitting. It has a padded back and seat is covered with the best material. The perfect design of chairs gives comfort and maximum comfort to your back. The armless structure permits total opportunity of movement while working. It is designed with a height-adjustment mechanism, enabling control of the preferred level of comfort. It is based on a high-level design which take an equal distribution of the weight of the body in a preferred place. In account to that, Draughtsman chair with castors have a foot ring, which is also removable, so it allows the adjustment of foot ring to the desired level.

Draughtsman Chair

Mostly in Draughtsman chair with Glides, Glides are supplied as standard. Due to the availability of different castors the draughtsman chair with a wheel is more appropriate for your office so that worker can use castors which fit appropriately with your office environment. Most buyers have three options among castors: Standard Castors, Brake Loaded Castor, and Soft Brake Loaded Castors.

The high back office draughtsman chairs support your neck and back, so it’s ideal if you use computers for long periods of time. Draughtsman chair moves with you when needed and the gas lift mechanism makes it easy to move the seat up and down as much as you needed, the backrest will go up and down and in and out and you can fix the angle of the backrest or leave it free-floating.

Draughtsman Chair with Wheels makes it easy to carry from one place to another. Now a day’s mobility is everything. Mobility should never be overlooked in office chairs. It should be compatible with office space. It should be the answer to the questions like, is the chair moving easily in the office? Do the arms of the chair is creating any hindrance in the limited workspace? Heavy-duty draughtsman chair provides efficient mobility with different kind of castors.

Due to its ergonomics nature, it is very much in demand in workplaces. Many ergonomic studies show that in increasing productivity and efficiency, office chairs and seating has the main role. Because if you sit better than you think better and productivity will increase. If you using the bad office chairs, this will lead to leg problems, back pain, and neck pain. So ergonomic draughtsman chair make it sure that you have no such problems.

Draughtsman Chair

Rather than spending money on frequently changing chairs, spend money to buy long durable chairs. Choose the chairs which are made of good material and high finishing. The weight capacity of the chair has an important role. Chair legs are the main part of the chair that easily get damaged. Go for a heavy-duty chrome finish base to avoid the damage of the legs. Executive Draughtsman is durable and suitable to use in any environment like school, colleges, hospitals, offices and al kind of workspaces.

Comfort should be the priority when it comes to the office chair, an employee spends 40 hours a week just sitting on a chair working on his workstation, so if it is not comfortable it can cause some high-level frustration and health issues. Comfort Draughtsman Chair keeps you comfortable throughout your working hour and keeps you productive all day long in your working hours.

Now if we talk about the elephant in room the price is that one of them. If you chose a chair which has an unaffordable tag like some Leather Office Chairs have on them then it is of no use it would disturb your organization’s budget. Always choose the chair with good features and which is also in your budget.  Draughtsman Chairs UK is the right chair for you in that case. It has all the amazing features and with highly affordable prices.

So if you are going to buy office furniture online or office chair keep all these important factors in mind while buying any piece of furniture especially chair. Office Chairs are the most important component in office furniture, which ensures the comfortability and productivity of the worker. To make a chair an important part of the office not only quick but a mandatory purchase is necessary.

The Right Seating Posture Of Your Office Chair

The industrial and tech revolution have drastically changed man’s life. Today many people do much of their work sitting down. For most people working in an office, sitting occupies much of your day. In fact many of us do spend a lot of our time sitting down whether at home or at work. Life as it is today involves a lot of sitting with just a few moments standing or walking.

However sitting for a long time whether in the office or at home can be detrimental to your back; it can cause pain in your lower back and if you might have had a previous problem with your back, it may worsen the situation. The static posture that one keeps for that long time tends to increase stress on the shoulders, arms, legs and the back.

For one to prevent pain or damage to their body it is important to maintain a good posture. Unfortunately many people after sitting for a long time tend to slouch down or over the chair. This is very dangerous and can cause extensive strain to the spine and overstretch back muscles. It is thus important for one to maintain a good sitting posture whenever you are sat down. Here are a few guidelines to help you put your body in order when sitting down.

1. Choose the right chair
The chair that you sit on determines how you will set your body. It is thus important to have the right chair so as to ensure that your back and more specifically your spine does not go through any unnecessary stress. Ergonomics, the study of how one fits in their work environment has led to the development of ergonomic chairs. An ergonomic chair is specifically designed to ensure that your body is well placed and is well supported to ensure that you do not slouch down or slouch over while you are working or even at home. If you are committed to maintaining a good seating posture then do consider going the extra mile of choosing the chair you sit on carefully; choose an ergonomic chair.

Some alternatives to the traditional office chair are the Swiss exercise ball or the Swedish kneeling chair and draughtsman chairs. These chairs are designed to maximize movement while sitting, an important factor to ensure that your back muscles are not strained by continuous sitting.

2. Support the back
As stated earlier much of the strain that comes from sitting for a long time goes to the back. It is thus recommended that while sitting, you provide as much support as you can for your back. You should adjust your chair to ensure that your lower back is sufficiently supported so as to reduce the strain on the back. You should also get an adjustable chair so that you can easily change back position, height and tilt for maximum comfort.

3. Arm and Elbow positioning
As you adjust your chair make sure that the arms are parallel to your spine. Put the desk as close to you as you can. The forearms and the wrist should be parallel to the floor such that the arms form an L-shape with the elbow being at a 90-degrees angle. The keyboard should be placed in front of you leaving a gap of about 4-6 inches between the keyboard and the edge of the desk so as to provide a space for you to rest your wrists between bouts of typing.

4. Eye level
The computer monitor should be placed just right in front of you so that your gaze be aimed at the center of the screen. Any deviation from the center will cause you to slouch and also increase the strain on your upper spine.

5. Thigh and Calf measure
You should be able to slide your fingers under the space between your thigh and the edge of the office chair. If you can’t, then you need to raise your feet using an adjustable foot rest. You should also be able to fit your clenched fist between your calf and the front of your chair. If your fist does not fit then you need to adjust the back rest by pushing it forward.

6. Feet rested on the floor
Finally, your feet should be rested on the floor, flat. This helps with posture, if they aren’t, you can use a footrest that can raise your feet to a comfortable level for you. Also be careful not to cross your legs as this can lead to posture related problems.

There are other many documented ways to achieve a good seating posture but no matter the method, everyone should follow through so as to avoid future back problems.

Draughtsman Chairs – Care Tips

To ensure proper functionality of a chair suitable for a draughtsman the following tips need to be followed:
These chairs require occasional cleaning to keep them in the best shape possible. Clean with a damp cloth or spot cleaner to remove stains easily.

Draughtsman chairs are more likely to need occasional maintenance, because the extra height increases stress on the component parts, in turn loose parts can result in even more stress on your chair, causing it to break. Therefore, check, tighten and clean all the hardware components every few months.

Juno Medium Back Draughtsman Chair

Juno Medium Back Draughtsman Chair