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5 office desks that is necessary to be in your office

5 Types of Office Desk that complete your office setup

Panel End Office Desk

Panel End Desk is the desk for the modern offices, it has stylish design. This office desk has a whole cable management system. Made with high-quality material and has matching wood panel end legs. It is best in any kind of office because it is durable and heat resistant. It is a height-adjustable desk as well, so it matches your level of comfort easily.

Cantilever Office Desk

Straight Cantilever Office desk is ideal in any work area as they are simple yet effective whilst remaining simple to install. It has 2mm protective abs-edging and easy to displace from one place to another. You can use this desk with pedestals and filing cabinets. This completes the look of your office. Cantilever desk is available in several kind of finishes so it goes with your office setup.

Sit-Stand Desk

Set it up for your health! In long working hours a person may get sick due to continuous working in a specific position, Sit-stand desk helps you in this case, it let you adjust your desk position in the way you want it to be. Electric height adjustable desk is available exclusively from Relax Office Furniture. This desk allows you to work while standing rather than a conventional desk where you sit all and get health issues.

Home Office Desk

The trend of office work has changed from the normal office environment to independent home offices. Today is the world of freelancers, digital creators, content creators, so home office setup is must. Home office desk from Relax office furniture is the best choice when it comes to setting up a home office. Relax home office desk not only would fulfill the need, it would give your home a stylish look with its modern design.

Smart Meeting Table

The meeting room is essential in any kind of office, whether it is a small organization or a big corporate office. A well-maintained meeting room gives the right impression, and meeting room furniture plays the most essential part in this. The meeting room table should be according to the culture of your office and the size of the office. It’s not necessary to have a huge meeting table in the center of the meeting room, you can have different tables in the room and make zones according to the meeting requirements of your organization.

Relax Office got you covered for any kind of office desk, office chairs, office cupboards, filing cabinets, and office pedestals. You can set up a home office or any office with us, we got everything in one place. Visit today on today and let us do best for you.

7 ways to renovate your office

7 Modern ways to renovate your Office in 2020

The office is the place where a person spends the most time of the week; in fact, the most productive hours of his life. If an employee spends a considerable amount of time in the same surrounding, same environment, same setting, his productivity gets affected. Renovation can be done for so many reasons, but the primary one should be the change. It brings a new wave of productivity to the workspace.

Following are some simple ways by which you can make a real difference in the office:

  • Gives a Better First Impression

The first impression matters more than anything, it says all about what kind of organization this is? The office style changes with each passing year. So it is necessary to renovate your office in a modern way to give it a new and professional look.

  • Don’t Buy New Furniture, Utilize the old one

To Renovate your office, it is not necessary to go overboard and buy new furniture every time you think about giving a new look to the office. All you have to do is arrange the old office furniture in a new way. Arrange the furniture in a new way and get rid of useless stuff in the office. It will create space and change the office into a different space.

  • A new look for Meeting Room

Do not create a typical board room or meeting room which contains a long boring meeting room table with office chairs around it. Make different portions in the meeting room for your different kind of meeting pattern. Use small furniture and set up them in a creative way to give a modern look to your meeting room.

  • Keep It Green

Try to use as much as green you can in your office, potted plants in the office can give a refreshing look. You can put those pot on your office table or meeting room table. Try to go for natural lighting, natural lightning would make your office bright so you can upgrade your windows to do make your room bright and open

  • Paint your Office in Bright Colours

Painting the office space into the bright colours always give a pleasant look, give the room the colour according to the nature of work being done in that. For example, lunchroom and restroom should have bright colours, the meeting room should have sober and professional colours. Games are play area should have.

  • Add privacy where it is needed

Create spaces for private spaces in your office for the people who want to work in solitude and focus alone. And also for anyone who wants some time alone from everyone.

  • Promote Personalization

Your employee should feel relaxed and productive at the same time. So when you renovate your office keep in mind the people working for you so make it personalized according to the comfort of your peers and subordinates.

While renovating an office, it is not necessary to go overboard, you just have to be a little considerate and creative with the office furniture you already have in your workspace.  Engage the people around you in the office because they are the one who is going to use it at the end.

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How to Find Best Filing Units for Your Office

Organisations usually do not give so much stress on keeping the office clean and tidy. But it is a known fact that you cannot work with concentration when you have files on all over the place. If you keep on finding the required piece of paper from the scattered mess of files and paper then your productivity gets affected badly.

So to solve this issue Filing cabinets are the best solution for you. And to get the best filing cabinets so many things need to keep in mind like size, material and most important is cost.

Why do we need Filing Cabinets

If your office hasn’t digitized everything in your office and you still work with files then the last thing you need is the stuffing of papers in a drawer because it would make you work difficult that’s why wooden filing cabinets:

  • Keep your office organized
  • Provide easy access to documents and avoid any kind of trouble
  • Give privacy for your important information
  • Easily incorporate into your existing office space
  • Eliminate unnecessary clutter

What kind of Filing Cabinet is appropriate?

Wall filing cabinets are best to keep your office clean and tidy. Before choosing the right type of cabinet for you, you should first take into account the mass of the items you’ll be putting in there. If it’s simple paper documents then a Wall hung filing cabinet would be fine. If, however, you’re looking at large, heavy folders then you may find a wall-mounted filing cabinet proves weak to damage from the excessive weight. Metal filing cabinets will often prove to be much appropriate and for this reason, they may last longer too.

Factors to keep in mind while Buying Cabinets


Size is one of the most important factors in the selection of wall-mounted office filing cabinets, two things must keep in mind while choosing a filing cabinet; the space available in your office and the amount of material you are going to store in it. Also, take into account the future needs of the office. If you buy a cabinet today and it becomes useless tomorrow then it is the wastage of money.  So take size according to your office requirements.


Most of the people make the wrong choices when it comes to money. Some pay some generously and others don’t pay enough for the right product. So always choose a quality product with affordable and reasonable prices.


Wood file cabinets are probably the more attractive filing cabinets and will add to the character of the office. In general, wooden file cabinets are just as sturdy and durable as metal models and they offer the extra benefit of creating a warmer office environment. You can also choose between various colors and finishes to create the right look and feel. So choose the one which can stand the hard environment and time of organization.


If you are going to store your important documents and files in-wall filing cabinets then always take one with modern lock mechanism. The most common types of locks are cam and sliding teeth locks. These often come standard with higher quality models and require a key to gain access.

Relax Office Furniture has the largest range of Office filing cabinets including wooden filing cabinet, wall mounted filing cabinet, box file cupboard, file cupboard, half file cupboards open units. All storage units are available in different finishes and size to suit your office environment. Visit today on our website or call our sales team and let us help you keep your workspace clean.

Your Office

About your Office

Why Should You Care About Your Office Furniture?  Well, the furniture in your office is a big part of the success of your business and it’s not something that should be taken lightly.  You need to carefully choose office furniture, which reflects your brand, promotes comfortable working practices and increases employee productivity.

Office Design Ideas

Designing an inspiring office through your décor is difficult, but important when it comes to motivating employees and increasing productivity.  You want to make your office environment as creative is possible and coloured office furniture is becoming increasingly popular – especially if you can find a colour which matches your branding.  Moving away from the traditional woodgrain furniture in your office and adding a splash of colour can help to motivate your employees, but just as popular of a trend is using white as the base for all your furniture as it’s a neutral option that allows the decor of the room or space be the centre of attention.

Your office environment may have become dull and grey over the years and your employees lack motivation because of their working environment.

It could also be the years of sitting on an old office chair that is giving them aches and pains. Freshening up your office furniture allows you to show potential customers and visitors that you’re forward thinking, whilst giving your staff a new lease of life.

Well Being in the Workplace

It can be a real struggle to get yourself moving throughout the day especially when you feel like you are chained to your office desk.  The recommended goal by health experts is to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.  This can be a challenge when many of us spend at least 8 hours a day in an office environment which has led to the introduction of flexible working practices to try and mix up your day.

Height adjustable desks have been around for quite some time, but the ergonomic sit-stand systems are now becoming increasingly popular in the workplace to help reduce the amount of time employees spend sitting down at their office desk. The overall goal of these new desk solutions is to help improve an individual’s office health.

Benefits of Acoustics in the Workplace

Studies show that workers lose, on average, 21.5 minutes a day due to conversational distractions.  A noisy office has also been proven to increase stress levels and dramatically decrease employee productivity – workers can be up to 66% less productive when exposed to just one nearby conversation.

Whilst workers in closed plan offices can still fall victim to noise distractions, workers in open plan offices can often experience these distractions on a much greater scale. With open plan offices making up 54% of UK offices and 70% of US offices, office acoustics are becoming a necessity for more and more businesses.

4 Tips to Help Improve Productivity in the Office

Below are 4 tips to help you improve productivity:

Office Furniture

Believe it or not but your office furniture can have an impact on productivity (or lack of – laying on the couch or in bed for most people does not assist with their productivity levels).

There are a couple of things to consider here.

For starters, you’ll want to take into account comfort. If furniture is uncomfortable, you will be less productive. Flip things around and with comfortable furniture, you will start to become more productive.

Scour the web for good examples of office furniture to encourage productivity. I’m sure you’ll be able to see what makes the perfect office chair and desk to have in your office. Always remember to test out the chairs and desk to make sure they are suitable. Just because they look pretty and stylish they might not be comfortable for long periods of sitting.

The second thing to consider is the positioning of furniture. If more then one person working in your office you will have to ensure everyone is not positioned right up close to each other, they won’t be productive. You need to position desks so that people have enough personal space. Also, consider getting desks with divider screens, so employees aren’t distracted looking at one another all day!

Ensure the set up of the desk and the height of the desk are suitable for the person using it.

Take Regular Breaks

Many people think to be productive you need to work every second of every day. So, they spend the entire working day doing work. They make sure they have minimal breaks so they can get as much work done as possible. It makes sense, the more time you spend working, the more work you do, right? Wrong. Working too much can actually lead you to be less productive.

It’s important that you and your employees take regular breaks throughout the day. Having a 10-minute break will let people recharge and be ready to go again. By not having breaks, people will get tired out. They may be working all day, but won’t get a lot of work done because they’re running on empty. If you want your business to be productive, you need to start taking breaks throughout the day.


Another way you can increase business productivity is to train your staff. Organise special training days where you can share some of your knowledge with your team. You can give them information on how to do certain aspects of their job. You’ll train them to be better at what they do.

By training your staff, you’re getting a more productive set of employees. You’ll now have people that know exactly what they need to do, and how to do it. Every task they complete will be better than it was prior to training.

Ensuring you are getting training to help you achieve your tasks more productively – for example – if a blog image takes you 2 hours to complete look at outsourcing or take a course on how to use Canva or Picmonkey to make your image creation quicker.

Set Deadlines

Setting deadlines is a great way to improve productivity. If there aren’t any deadlines set, no one has anything to work towards. There isn’t going to be a sense of urgency to complete tasks. But, when you set deadlines, you give people something to aim for. They now know that they’ve got to complete a task within a certain time frame. So, they work to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can set monthly deadlines, weekly deadlines, or even daily deadlines!

Setting a deadline can speed up your workforce and lead to a more productive business.

Create a Productive and Calming Workspace

To make your day productive and to ‘feel’ in the mood for work, it’s important to create a workspace that enhances your productivity and gives a calming influence to your work day.

Office Furniture

The most important thing for being comfortable at the workplace is having a comfortable chair and a suitable desk. A couple of things to consider when purchasing an office chair are firstly armrests.  This is really a personal preference thing.  Some people love them and some people just find they get in the way.  Arms should be positioned low enough for your shoulders to stay relaxed and for your elbows to bend at a 90 degree angle.  Your feet should be flat and firm on the floor.  If you have short legs it may be worth purchasing a foot rest which can be adjusted and positioned in a suitableOffice Environment for your feet to rest comfortably.

An office desk is just as important as the chair. So when looking to purchase a new desk you should ensure that the desk is the ideal height. Most office desks are of a standard height of 725mm-730mm which is generally the ideal height. If this is not ideal for you, height adjustable desks can be purchased and adjusted to suit.

Office furniture can be standard office the shelf desks which can be purchsed in a complete range of sizes and finishes to suit your office space

Natural Light

Lots of natural light is very important, so ideally your office should have large windows to allow light in. The sun and natural light is a boost to your mood and will make you more productive throughout the day.  If lots of natural light is not possible, for example you are located in a large office away from the windows, you should have adequate artificial lighting in the workspace to facilitate reading, writing and other activities.

Room Temperature

The temperature in your office is also very important. If it’s too hot, it will affect your concentration and if it’s too cold, it affects your productivity. You need to be able to regulate the temperature in your office in spite of the temperature outside.

Office Interior

It’s difficult to say what the ideal office interior should look like. The general belief is that it should be somewhere between a home and an office, that it should feel cosy and inviting but it should also be functional and efficient.  This way it will feel more welcoming and you’ll be more inspired when working.

Get a cork board on which to display both decorative and practical elements. Pick some decorative items such a nice rug or pictures on the wall. Combine the cosiness of a home with the functionality of a workspace. The possibilities are endless.

OrganisationOrgainsed Office

There is nothing worse than a disorganised workspace. This can obstruct your ability to get your work done, reduce your productivity and cut back on your overall level of comfort.

Do not clutter your desk.  Only include on the desk the items you really need and make sure they are easily reachable. Don’t clutter your workspace with decorative items. Instead, display them on the wall in front of your desk where you can see them but they are not in the way.

Cable Control

Monitor cables, computer cables and the like can create a messy area and can often get on the way.  Invest in a simple cable management system which may consist of a metal tray to run cables or simply tie them or strap them under the desk.

Use the Right Tools

If you spend most of the day at the computer, then a quality keyboard and mouse designed to make you more comfortable is basically a necessity. Ergonomic and natural keyboards are designed to fit the natural position from which people normally type. Althought these do not suit everyone, just ensure they suit you.  Invest in a good quality keyboard and mouse and this will remove a lot of the strain on your wrists and fingers.

Break Area

Creating a break area is as simple as cleaning up an area and adding things such as a Relaxed Officerefrigerator, microwave, tables and seats.  If working from a home office, use your living room for short breaks or for your lunch time.  But don’t allow distractions such as the television to stop you getting back to work.  Limit your time for breaks and stick to it. Taking a break will make you more productive when sitting back at your desk.

Listen to Music

Find out what type of music helps you work the best. When doing repetitive work like answering emails and filing, a good mix of upbeat music (or slow music…whichever works best) is great.

You could use the music player on your phone, connect it to a speaker or connect to the radio via the internet.

All of this will help with your day to day productivity and a happier work day.