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Office Storage Options for Modern Offices

Mostly office owner thinks it is a hassle to give so much time choosing office storage, but we at Relax office believe that the storage issue should be given attention from the very start. And it is actually quite easy as well as we are going to tell you how you can make space in your office within your decided budget.

Office storage is crucial to how a workspace looks, not only to employees, but also to potential clients, and that’s because it tidies up the unwanted mess. If you have paper documents that are dotted around it isn’t an efficient and productive working environment for your staff, nor does it set a good impression to clients coming into the office.

Office storage in UK

But when it comes to office storage but when a person has so many options to choose from, the person gets confused sometimes, whether he should go for plan chests or file storage? Whether wooden plan chests and filing cabinets can be used at the same time. All this can make a person back out. Well, here at Relax Office we help all our client all over the UK to solve their storage concerns.

Relax Office Offers:

Plan Chests:

Plan chests are better in the utilisation of space. The wooden plan chests are designed to better maximize the usage of space within a building. They are customisable to fit virtually any space available in the building. This is a huge positive since it means that you can install the plan chests even in areas which hadn’t been allocated for this purpose. Cheap plan chest by Relax office helps you keep your office neat and tidy and keep you an ample amount of space free due to its efficient design. Moreover, you can use architects plan chest for sale for your large papers and maps.

Office Plan Chests

 File Storage boxes:

Our storage boxes are ideal for UK based businesses located in a small working environment. These boxes can be instantly assembled and offer maximum strength for storing records – in fact, they are up to 80% stronger than basic storage boxes as they have double end sides and base. They are also perfect for business owners looking to transport files on a regular basis as they are light. They are made in the UK and Perfectly for any kind of office environment

Office storage Cupboard

Pigeonhole Units:

The Premium Pigeonhole Units with multiple Spaces are very high quality and stylish pigeonhole units. Formed, clear acrylic shelves are a sturdy 3mm thick and comes complete with name strips. These Pigeonhole Units are perfect for organizing the office, holding a range of files from box files to lever arch files. It is also great for professional or home offices and other educational environments such as classrooms, libraries or staff rooms. 

Office Premium Pigeonhole units

So if you are a  business owner located in anywhere in UK or you are going to start a new office then Relax office Furniture has everything you need in your office ranging from office chairs, office desks, office storage to the office accessories.

Visit Relax Office Furniture or call our sales team on  01293 301922 to get your order fixed

Deluxe Polyurethane ESD Chair

Why ESD Draughtsman chairs are best for Factory

ESD chairs and Relax Factory chairs are the solutions to static electricity discharge. The people who spent their time mostly in repairs or electronic industry, these discharge can cause serious damage and can cost a lot of money and time. The cost of damage caused by static discharge can go from a single diode to complex electronic devices and can cost you several dollars. The discharge coming from medical appliances, automobiles can cause serious danger so such an environment needs electro-static dissipative (ESD) draughtsman chairs.

Factory and Draughtsman Chair

Main Users:

The people working in the repair industry of electronic parts and devices should use these chairs. These static discharge can damage expensive cellphone, tablet, computer, and other smart devices. It can occur during repairing where people may also be present. These chairs are mainly chairs for factory workers. Who work in hard and sometimes very sensitive areas

How does it work?

ESD happens when static electricity forms up on the surface of any less conductive object that rubs against another object. By sitting on the chair you generate an electrostatic charge on your own clothes. Whenever you lean forward, backward you take charge with you. Your body voltage can rise very rapidly to a high voltage as the charge is separated from its counter charge on the chair. 

Why ESD draughtsman Chair

Adjustable workshop stool and draughtsman chairs are not only efficient in dissipating static heat but also its design help in increasing comfort and productivity of workers. These are kind of chairs which would give you more advantage for less money.

ESD chairs are made with highly recommended fabrics and vinyl

  • These chairs come with Adjustable  backrests
  • These have Strong Metal Frames
  • These chairs  provide Solid Height Adjustments
  • Ergonomic seating

Benefits of ESD Chair

  • ESD Chairs are specifically made to guard yourself against electrostatic discharge issues.
  • ESD chairs use non-conductive materials, static-free fabric and static-free castors in a chair that’s attractive and comfortable.
  • Urethane foam is used in seat and back to make it more comfortable.
  • Draughtsman chair is specifically made for use in electrical and repairing industry.
  • Maximum ergonomic support for sitting or standing workers
  • Reduce environmental pollutants in cleanroom applications
  • Make sure product reliability and worker efficiency

Workshop chair with wheels specifically designed and manufactured for use in the electronics and electrical industry. This range of chairs buildup of static electricity to the earth. Chairs and workbench stool UK  in Vinyl has gas lift height and seat depth adjustment. It can be used in various height workstation. Black bonded leather adjustable backrest and seat with waterfall front. It has a permanent contact backrest mechanism. Supplied with foot ring and feet or castors.

The Factory chairs are supplied with glides as standard. Please see the Castors/Glides option for the range that is available for this chair. When using castors please take in to account safety regulation in your working environment. This chair is upholstered in MediStat Black Vinyl. Fixed or adjustable arms are available. It is easy to be washed.

If your organization deals with electronic devices or sensitive component, or your organization needs environmental pollution at minute level. Then your need can only be fulfilled by factory stools and factory chairs.

How to Find Best Filing Units for Your Office

Organisations usually do not give so much stress on keeping the office clean and tidy. But it is a known fact that you cannot work with concentration when you have files on all over the place. If you keep on finding the required piece of paper from the scattered mess of files and paper then your productivity gets affected badly.

So to solve this issue Filing cabinets are the best solution for you. And to get the best filing cabinets so many things need to keep in mind like size, material and most important is cost.

Why do we need Filing Cabinets

If your office hasn’t digitized everything in your office and you still work with files then the last thing you need is the stuffing of papers in a drawer because it would make you work difficult that’s why wooden filing cabinets:

  • Keep your office organized
  • Provide easy access to documents and avoid any kind of trouble
  • Give privacy for your important information
  • Easily incorporate into your existing office space
  • Eliminate unnecessary clutter

What kind of Filing Cabinet is appropriate?

Wall filing cabinets are best to keep your office clean and tidy. Before choosing the right type of cabinet for you, you should first take into account the mass of the items you’ll be putting in there. If it’s simple paper documents then a Wall hung filing cabinet would be fine. If, however, you’re looking at large, heavy folders then you may find a wall-mounted filing cabinet proves weak to damage from the excessive weight. Metal filing cabinets will often prove to be much appropriate and for this reason, they may last longer too.

Factors to keep in mind while Buying Cabinets


Size is one of the most important factors in the selection of wall-mounted office filing cabinets, two things must keep in mind while choosing a filing cabinet; the space available in your office and the amount of material you are going to store in it. Also, take into account the future needs of the office. If you buy a cabinet today and it becomes useless tomorrow then it is the wastage of money.  So take size according to your office requirements.


Most of the people make the wrong choices when it comes to money. Some pay some generously and others don’t pay enough for the right product. So always choose a quality product with affordable and reasonable prices.


Wood file cabinets are probably the more attractive filing cabinets and will add to the character of the office. In general, wooden file cabinets are just as sturdy and durable as metal models and they offer the extra benefit of creating a warmer office environment. You can also choose between various colors and finishes to create the right look and feel. So choose the one which can stand the hard environment and time of organization.


If you are going to store your important documents and files in-wall filing cabinets then always take one with modern lock mechanism. The most common types of locks are cam and sliding teeth locks. These often come standard with higher quality models and require a key to gain access.

Relax Office Furniture has the largest range of Office filing cabinets including wooden filing cabinet, wall mounted filing cabinet, box file cupboard, file cupboard, half file cupboards open units. All storage units are available in different finishes and size to suit your office environment. Visit today on our website or call our sales team and let us help you keep your workspace clean.

Top 5 Cheap Office Chairs by Relax Office

Chairs are the most important part in the office because Employees if the chair is bad, will spend more time concentrating on how uncomfortable they feel than working. This is why it’s important to invest in some ergonomic office chairs to help improve productivity. That’s why Relax Ofice has a list of Top 5 Cheap Office Chairs for you.

Our selection of office chairs offers a solution for everyone. From modern office chairs to leather office chairs, to office sofa, to the reception seating, to the mesh office chairs and ergonomic seating options that are a perfect addition to any modern office. Our entire range of office seating has been selected to allow you and your team to get the most from your office space which is why you’ll find such an array of styles, finishes and, colors to fit in with any office environments.

Our top 5 cheap office chairs are:

1) Start Task Mesh Back Office Chair

Executive Mesh Back Office Chair can keep you more productive throughout your workday with its comfort and ventilated design and above all at highly reasonable prices. It is full of ergonomic features. The breathable mesh materials allow air to circulate to keep you cool while sitting also gives a modern look and feel to any office.
The Mesh Back Office Chair includes height adjustable arms with soft arm pads and height-adjustable lumbar support. Reclining knee-tilt mechanism with tension control. Canasta 2 Fabric Executive Chair

Start Task Mesh Back Office Chair

2) Canasta 2 Fabric Executive Chair

 Simple design, technically innovative and built to last, the Galaxy chair creates comfort for a hard-working office. The Canasta 2 Fabric Executive Chair has a fabric seat, back and outer. This is a great option if you are looking for comfort and support as it benefits from a wind-up weight tensioner and the ergonomic contoured seat and back promotes good posture.

Available in Blue and black fabric. The heavy-duty gas lift is tested up to 150kg, for up to 8 hours usage.

Canasta 2 Fabric Executive Chair

3) Juno Vinyl High Back Draughtsman Chair.

Draughtsman chairs are suitable for a wide range of uses and environments including factories, laboratories, and design studios and available in fabric or wipe clean polyurethane finishes. Juno Vinyl High Back Draughtsman Chair has gas lift height and seat depth adjustment. It can be used in various height workstation. Flexible lumbar support is also available as an option to give the required additional support to the lower back.

4) Lynx High Back 24 Hour Chair.

Incall centers, control rooms and in multi-shift operation, workplaces are occupied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For comfort and style, Relax Office Furniture is offered with a fully contoured seat pad and backrest. The Lynx High Back Chair has generous padded seat and back cushion for day-long comfort, plus an attractive stitch detail. The Rolex foam and contoured back ensure it met the test standard and comfort levels for a 24 hours operation.

Lynx High Back 24 Hour Chair.

5)Canasta 2 Leather-Look Executive Chair

The Canasta 2 Leather-Look Executive Chair features an extra deep, soft touch contoured seat and back helping to increase comfort. Luxurious leather and chrome executive office chair with comfort pads, tilting action and stylish stitching detail. The canasta is a chair that is full of functionality. It offers cushioned arm pads color matching the seat and back along with the fixed chrome armrests which match the Canasta chrome base.

Canasta 2 Leather-Look Executive Chair
Picture 001

All these and many more other office chairs uk are available at Relax office furniture in highly affordable prices. So you want office chairs near me or office chairs Crawley then get all these cheap chairs are for you. Visit today and get your office a new look with new chairs.

Set Up Your Office with Relax Office

When the success of the business is your top priority, the office designs or the layouts is also very important than you might think of.  If you are running an office which involves diverse activities and has multiple people working for you then the design of the office get much more significance. The office furniture is the part of the office which affects the productivity and efficiency of the workers

We believe that having a well-organized, practical and comfortable office space, either at work or at home, is key to help you concentrate while easing the work stress. With our wide range of office desks, executive chairs, home office chairs, and storage solutions you can easily knuckle down in style and comfort.

If you are searching for office furniture online then take very care while choosing it, because a chair can make your day good and a bad chair can ruin your day all along.

Office Chairs by Relax Office

When you go for buying the office furniture, which things come in your mind? That your office chairs have adjustable heights, seat depth, lumbar support, flexible and best features. Relax office products have all these qualities. Our chairs are stylish and functional. Ergonomic office chairs are ideal for writing and computer desks, offering support and great looks; the complete package. Relax Office Furniture collections and fabric are all made with care and attention to details to last for many years. You’ll certainly be delighted with the comfort and quality.

Perfect Office Desk

For business, a worker is the main asset. Many people now spend most of their office time in front of a computer in a position that affects your body posture and your back. A perfect office desk prevents severe damage to the posture by providing good level desking and enough space. You need to have the right office desk for long working hours.

Do not sacrifice your style while choosing an office desk. If you want your office to look sophisticated and stylish, go for ergonomic office Desk. It won’t only do the job but also make your office complete and sophisticated.

Setting up the Home Office

While buying home office furniture UK, keep it as comfortable as you can whether it is the chair you are buying or a table or some kind of storage unit everything should give you a sense of comfort and productivity at the same time.

 It is wise to do a little homework before a buying decision is made. Because fashion and purpose are every bit as significant in the contemporary household, you will discover a choice of Relax office furniture suited to your necessities for conception, comfort your health and cost. 

Make your office Engaging

Burnout and boredom can affect both the productiveness of the workers as well as your company. Invest in employee comfort and engagement for better results. Some ideas are:

–        Invest in high-quality ergonomic furniture to reduce pain and increase comfort. Too many sick leave days are taken for problems caused by the workplace that could have been prevented with better ergonomics.

–        Create a small space for some recreation because it would help the worker remain focused.

–        You could also look at adding someplace for rest for employees after a lunch break and or any kind of break after tough work.

So if you are a searching office furniture near me or office furniture Crawley or you want office furniture anywhere in the UK. Relax office furniture is here for you with its amazing office furniture ranges to set up your office.

How to Make your Office Tidy with File Storage Units

Some people make everything stored digitally where others prefer a more normal approach with hard storage and self-storage. If you keep client files for several years, consider using a self-storage facility for the historic documents. This will help organise your office or home, free up additional space while your important documents are safely locked away.

Having a well-organised storage space is important. Put newer files at the top of your Box Files and closer to the entrance of your storage unit. Mark your boxes accordingly to easily find what you are looking for later.

Box file storage unit is better in utilisation of space. The storage units are designed to better maximize the usage of space within a building. They are customisable to fit virtually any space available in the building. This is a huge positive since it means that you can install the Pretty box files units even in areas which hadn’t been allocated for this purpose. Office storage units by Relax office help you keep your office neat and tidy and keep you an ample amount of space free due to its efficient design.

Different Form of Box File Storage Units

Different Form of Box Files is available in different sizes, forms and colours, Suitable for the school classroom, staffroom, and office or storage room. The file storage units come in a durable, wipe-clean, laminate finish. The cupboards are available in 5 different finishes: including beech, maple, oak, grey, and white.
 You can get box file storage ideas from Relax office, the box files come in different forms like  File Open Wall Unit, File Wall Cupboard, File Half Cupboard, and File Cupboard. You can save your files and make your office look good as well with these storage units.

How to store your paper effectively

Paper is supposed to be stored in the box file storage unit for a very long time so it is very necessary that the unit should be properly maintained, Light and heat should be regulated so the better storage of paper. Humidity should be minimized as much as it can be.

Paint the walls of the units whenever you can. Choose the color of the paint wisely so that it could help prevent any damage to the papers for a long time.

If your Box Files are big enough and the facility allows it, consider installing shelves. It’s a great way to organise everything and keeps your storage space uncluttered. Avoid packing boxes directly on the ground and be sure to label each box for easy identification upon document retrieval.

Always Choose Quality over Cost

When choosing a box file storage unit service, the cost is a factor, but so is value. You may pay a few pounds less to store your documents, but you won’t receive access to a full range of file management services that include:

  • records management consulting
  • file shredding
  • Protection

The value of storage goes beyond locking your documents behind a door. Choose a document storage solution that supports your organization’s full range of legal requirements, document management and information access needs.

Remember, all file storage facilities aren’t equal. Keep the factors we’ve mentioned here in mind when choosing where to store your business documents.

Relax office has a whole range of office storage units including sturdy and Pretty box files storage units. Check out all the amazing products from Relax office and make your house tidy and clean.

Complete Storage Solution by Relax Office

By choosing office storage units that either match or contrast other office furniture you can create a unique and clutter-free office space. Relax Office can supply office furniture storage suitable for any sized office and budget. The ranges included Premium Pigeonhole Units, File Storage, wooden Filing Cabinets, Plan Chests, Steel Storage, Premium Paper Storage and Storage Lockers, available in both metal and wood in different colors.

Even with the evolution of electronic mails, files, and data, documents will never be eliminated from an office environment. With forms being printed and documents being piled up, nearly all office has to deal with a large volume of paperwork and files on a daily basis. This paperwork may be important information or significant business documents. For this reason, safeguarding the documents becomes the priority. The good things are that they can be safeguard with buying the appropriate office storage cabinets.

Wooden Filing Cabinets.

Make the most of your office space by putting together a customized storage system from different sized of cupboards and wood filing cabinets.

Our cheap wooden filing cabinets are available in contemporary wood melamine or veneer and can easily be coordinated with your desks and other furnishings.

Wooden filing cabinets are made up with high- quality material which can work in any kind of environment whether it is a school, university, office or any other workplace.

Filing Cabinets are available in different finishes and sizes with drawers. Available in 1, 2 and 3 drawer wooden filing cabinet.

White Wooden Filing Cabinets

One more thing that is so much in trend now, is white furniture. It gives a whole new look to the organization’s appearance. White color makes your office looks modern and up to the trend.

White Wooden Filing Cabinets are perfect for your office new setup or if you are renovating your office then go for all white. White cupboard, cabinets, and desks with ergonomic chairs from Relax office.

Metal Office Storage.

We offer a fantastic range and variety of metal office storage including drawers, metal filing cabinets, cupboards and lockers that moves across the floor on tracks.

Bisley metal office storage is renowned for its high durability, fully welded carcasses and anti-tilt system. Units are available in many colors and are back and side pierced so that they can be attached together.

Office Cupboards

Relax office cupboards are perfect when you need strength and style on a modest budget. It is smart and business-like finish, for all applications. Cupboards offer a box file design to store office supplies and important files. This premium office cupboards come with door and modern lock system. Stylish Chrome Handles. Extra strong edging to increase product longevity.

Premium Pigeonhole Units

You’ll love the pigeonhole units. Combination of play wood and desk are perfect for making a working space more useable. It is best for mail sorting, letter sorting, and message sorting and above all, we also provide pigeonhole table if required.

Pigeon hole units come in various style and sizes. Whether you want to wall mount your storage unit or use it on a table or you want to take it in cupboard style. You can these styles at highly reasonable prices

Why Choose Office Storage Units From Relax Office Furniture?

We offer excellent, well priced, durable and great looking office storage units. Just take at our excellent customer rating! We provide FREE delivery and assembly to most UK areas. Contact us to find out more about any of our services.

We stock a wide range of office storage options to suit all modern and contemporary offices. Once you know what space you have available and the type of storage space required you’ll have a better idea of exactly what you’re after.

Relax provides its clients with diverse types of office storage and wooden filing cabinets for sale. These storage units are ideal for offices, schools, gyms and other places.

office furniture

What Kind of Office Furniture Goes perfectly with your New Office

Choose your Office Furniture Right

 While choosing the right office furniture, many business organizations make big mistakes. Some go for too crazy stuff but don’t serve any purpose and some go for the other way, choose items that have functionality but look pretty terrible.

To make your office creative and attractive, supportive and comfortable place for your employees you don’t have to use all of you’re saving to give them all of these.

The key is in the planning when you identify your budget as well as the type of space you want to design, you’re on the way to creating that quality office, without spending your entire company savings.

For many office workers, office furniture is not only a table or chair to work on; but it is a place where they spend a major part of their day. So while choosing an office desk or chair or any piece of furniture it is necessary to keep in my mind that the productivity of workers mainly depends on the environment they work in. The office furniture is the main component of that workspace.

Buy Office Furniture Online

There are so many office furniture sites in the UK, which provide quality of office furniture like office storage, office chairs, office desks, and all the other office furniture supplies. So if you are searching for office furniture online. You would probably get a lot of options for Office Furniture Suppliers in the UK but always go for the one who goes not with your product preference but also with your budget capacity.

Best Office Chairs

If we talk about good office chairs then the best office chair should be appropriate to your workstation layout and its general function. You require wide freedom of movement whilst understanding tension on your backbone, which is fundamental for your productiveness, health, and general comfort.

Buy Efficient Storage Cabinets.

Even with the evolution of electronic mails, files, and data, documents will never be eliminated from an office environment. With forms being printed and documents being piled up, nearly all office has to deal with a large volume of paperwork and files on a daily basis. This paperwork may be important information or significant business documents. For this reason, safeguarding the documents becomes the priority. The good things are that they can be safeguard with buying the appropriate office storage cabinets.

Modern Office Desks

Do not sacrifice your style while choosing an office desk. If you want your office to look sophisticated and stylish, go for modern and sturdy office Desk. It won’t only do the job but also make your office complete and sophisticated.

Right kind of office desks should be suitable for the managers or other high-level executives because it gives an air of authority and management but it should also good to go with low-level workers offices. It is, no doubt, an investment for your office if you have enough space to place it. An appropriate desk gives your office a more stylish and authoritative look.

Boardroom and Meeting Furniture

When it comes to more formal and large organizations, boardroom keeps a very important space. And if your boardroom is not fully equipped with the right furniture it would leave a bad impression on your clients and partners. So while choosing boardroom furniture look for something decent and modern that should appeal to everyone.

To conclude, office Furniture is one of the most essential thing in the success of an organization in one way or another, so while buying furniture keep all these things in mind including your budget.

So if you are searching for office furniture near me or new office Furniture Birmingham or even New Office Furniture Midlands then Relax office furniture is your solution. Relax office furniture has extensive variety of office chairs, office desks, office storage, education furniture, and interior furniture.

Buy your Office Furniture online from Relax Office Furniture and you’ll find everything you need to freshen up your office in one place. Our Furniture is made in the UK from high-quality materials.

Relax Office has hundreds of different office desks, storage solutions, and ergonomic office chairs all available in a range of sizes, styles, and colors, all at ultra-competitive prices.

Draughtsman chair

Why Draughtsman Chair is the Best Choice for Your Office Furniture

Draughtsman chair is specially designed to offer support while sitting. It has a padded back and seat is covered with the best material. The perfect design of chairs gives comfort and maximum comfort to your back. The armless structure permits total opportunity of movement while working. It is designed with a height-adjustment mechanism, enabling control of the preferred level of comfort. It is based on a high-level design which take an equal distribution of the weight of the body in a preferred place. In account to that, Draughtsman chair with castors have a foot ring, which is also removable, so it allows the adjustment of foot ring to the desired level.

Draughtsman Chair

Mostly in Draughtsman chair with Glides, Glides are supplied as standard. Due to the availability of different castors the draughtsman chair with a wheel is more appropriate for your office so that worker can use castors which fit appropriately with your office environment. Most buyers have three options among castors: Standard Castors, Brake Loaded Castor, and Soft Brake Loaded Castors.

The high back office draughtsman chairs support your neck and back, so it’s ideal if you use computers for long periods of time. Draughtsman chair moves with you when needed and the gas lift mechanism makes it easy to move the seat up and down as much as you needed, the backrest will go up and down and in and out and you can fix the angle of the backrest or leave it free-floating.

Draughtsman Chair with Wheels makes it easy to carry from one place to another. Now a day’s mobility is everything. Mobility should never be overlooked in office chairs. It should be compatible with office space. It should be the answer to the questions like, is the chair moving easily in the office? Do the arms of the chair is creating any hindrance in the limited workspace? Heavy-duty draughtsman chair provides efficient mobility with different kind of castors.

Due to its ergonomics nature, it is very much in demand in workplaces. Many ergonomic studies show that in increasing productivity and efficiency, office chairs and seating has the main role. Because if you sit better than you think better and productivity will increase. If you using the bad office chairs, this will lead to leg problems, back pain, and neck pain. So ergonomic draughtsman chair make it sure that you have no such problems.

Draughtsman Chair

Rather than spending money on frequently changing chairs, spend money to buy long durable chairs. Choose the chairs which are made of good material and high finishing. The weight capacity of the chair has an important role. Chair legs are the main part of the chair that easily get damaged. Go for a heavy-duty chrome finish base to avoid the damage of the legs. Executive Draughtsman is durable and suitable to use in any environment like school, colleges, hospitals, offices and al kind of workspaces.

Comfort should be the priority when it comes to the office chair, an employee spends 40 hours a week just sitting on a chair working on his workstation, so if it is not comfortable it can cause some high-level frustration and health issues. Comfort Draughtsman Chair keeps you comfortable throughout your working hour and keeps you productive all day long in your working hours.

Now if we talk about the elephant in room the price is that one of them. If you chose a chair which has an unaffordable tag like some Leather Office Chairs have on them then it is of no use it would disturb your organization’s budget. Always choose the chair with good features and which is also in your budget.  Draughtsman Chairs UK is the right chair for you in that case. It has all the amazing features and with highly affordable prices.

So if you are going to buy office furniture online or office chair keep all these important factors in mind while buying any piece of furniture especially chair. Office Chairs are the most important component in office furniture, which ensures the comfortability and productivity of the worker. To make a chair an important part of the office not only quick but a mandatory purchase is necessary.