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Create a Productive and Calming Workspace

To make your day productive and to ‘feel’ in the mood for work, it’s important to create a workspace that enhances your productivity and gives a calming influence to your work day.

Office Furniture

The most important thing for being comfortable at the workplace is having a comfortable chair and a suitable desk. A couple of things to consider when purchasing an office chair are firstly armrests.  This is really a personal preference thing.  Some people love them and some people just find they get in the way.  Arms should be positioned low enough for your shoulders to stay relaxed and for your elbows to bend at a 90 degree angle.  Your feet should be flat and firm on the floor.  If you have short legs it may be worth purchasing a foot rest which can be adjusted and positioned in a suitableOffice Environment for your feet to rest comfortably.

An office desk is just as important as the chair. So when looking to purchase a new desk you should ensure that the desk is the ideal height. Most office desks are of a standard height of 725mm-730mm which is generally the ideal height. If this is not ideal for you, height adjustable desks can be purchased and adjusted to suit.

Office furniture can be standard office the shelf desks which can be purchsed in a complete range of sizes and finishes to suit your office space

Natural Light

Lots of natural light is very important, so ideally your office should have large windows to allow light in. The sun and natural light is a boost to your mood and will make you more productive throughout the day.  If lots of natural light is not possible, for example you are located in a large office away from the windows, you should have adequate artificial lighting in the workspace to facilitate reading, writing and other activities.

Room Temperature

The temperature in your office is also very important. If it’s too hot, it will affect your concentration and if it’s too cold, it affects your productivity. You need to be able to regulate the temperature in your office in spite of the temperature outside.

Office Interior

It’s difficult to say what the ideal office interior should look like. The general belief is that it should be somewhere between a home and an office, that it should feel cosy and inviting but it should also be functional and efficient.  This way it will feel more welcoming and you’ll be more inspired when working.

Get a cork board on which to display both decorative and practical elements. Pick some decorative items such a nice rug or pictures on the wall. Combine the cosiness of a home with the functionality of a workspace. The possibilities are endless.

OrganisationOrgainsed Office

There is nothing worse than a disorganised workspace. This can obstruct your ability to get your work done, reduce your productivity and cut back on your overall level of comfort.

Do not clutter your desk.  Only include on the desk the items you really need and make sure they are easily reachable. Don’t clutter your workspace with decorative items. Instead, display them on the wall in front of your desk where you can see them but they are not in the way.

Cable Control

Monitor cables, computer cables and the like can create a messy area and can often get on the way.  Invest in a simple cable management system which may consist of a metal tray to run cables or simply tie them or strap them under the desk.

Use the Right Tools

If you spend most of the day at the computer, then a quality keyboard and mouse designed to make you more comfortable is basically a necessity. Ergonomic and natural keyboards are designed to fit the natural position from which people normally type. Althought these do not suit everyone, just ensure they suit you.  Invest in a good quality keyboard and mouse and this will remove a lot of the strain on your wrists and fingers.

Break Area

Creating a break area is as simple as cleaning up an area and adding things such as a Relaxed Officerefrigerator, microwave, tables and seats.  If working from a home office, use your living room for short breaks or for your lunch time.  But don’t allow distractions such as the television to stop you getting back to work.  Limit your time for breaks and stick to it. Taking a break will make you more productive when sitting back at your desk.

Listen to Music

Find out what type of music helps you work the best. When doing repetitive work like answering emails and filing, a good mix of upbeat music (or slow music…whichever works best) is great.

You could use the music player on your phone, connect it to a speaker or connect to the radio via the internet.

All of this will help with your day to day productivity and a happier work day.