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Soft Seating

First impressions count!!!  Your company reception area or waiting area is often the first place a customer or potential customer will see and this is the first impression they will get of your company and you only get one chance to make a first impression.  A coffee table and basic side chairs don’t cut it in today’s market and will give a dated, slightly dull impression with no comfort for the waiting customer or client.

A reception / waiting area can be created to reflect your company’s image and even include corporate colours for consistency.  Soft low seating adds style and comfort leaving a relaxed feel for any visitor.

Shapes - Soft Seating
Nobody likes waiting, so why not make it as pleasant and as relaxing as possible?  Whether in reception areas, hotel lounges or at the dentist – tubs, sofas and low stools will help guests feel at home.

Check out the ‘Shapes’ collection of low soft seating suitable for a range of environments.  Various shapes can be arranged to build your own layout and design of seating to fit any area.  Available in a single fabric colour, corporate colours or a complete mix of colours to spice things up.  A huge range of fabrics are available with this quality contract seating.

For extra style and sophistication, why not add stylish armchairs and sofas.  Various fabrics and combinations of fabrics are available.  Modern, stylish, contemporary seating for any modern interior.

Button Armchair


Our ‘Button’ armchair and sofa have a real touch of quality has a modern square padded design with high arms, contrasting buttons to the back and chrome cylindrical feet.  This range of soft seating will certainly a great first impression to any visitor.

Button Sofa

Soft seating can be situated in various locations throughout the office building including break out areas, reception seating areas, waiting rooms or even casual meeting rooms.

Benefits of Draughtsman Chairs

Demands within the office are higher than ever.  Market competition forces people to push harder, working longer and on a wider range of tasks at a time.  This calls for one to have the ability to move easily within the office workspace.  Office furniture has thus become very important.  There is now more demand for furniture that is more flexible in terms of movement and provides maximum comfort since people are now sitting more as they work.

Juno Chrome High Back Draughtsman Chair

Juno Chrome High Back Draughtsman Chair

Draughtsman chairs have so efficiently filled the gap.  They allow for one to move easily within the workspace and are made to be easily adjustable so as to provide comfort. The benefits of draughtsman chairs cannot be overstated.

Draughtsman chairs are designed for maximum flexibility.  For instance, draughtsman chairs are fitted with an extended high pressure compressed gas lift so as to makes it possible for one to alter the height to an extended position above a standard office chair, providing the adaptability that makes it so attractive for the workplace.  If you are working on a high desk the ability to adjust the height is crucial to ensure that you do not strain your neck and back while sitting.

The chairs are also created to provide comfort to the user.  They have an excellent back support that makes it possible for one to sit at their chair for up to 8 hours, a quality that is on high demand in today’s competitive market.

Draughtsman Chair - Folding Back


Today’s chairs are designed to be ergonomic so as to prevent back aches.  Besides the back rest, some draughtsman chairs also provide armrests, lumbar support and also a foot rest all to ensure that the user has maximum comfort.

In the modern workspace draughtsman chairs are not just another product but have become a necessity for the office workspace.