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Importance of Proper Office Chair Armrest Adjustment

What is the ideal placement for armrests?

Most high quality ergonomic office chairs are now manufactured with armrests for additional comfort. However, to avoid muscle fatigue it’s important that you adjust the armrests in accordance with your body.

The ideal placement is when the armrests of the chair allow you to keep your elbows right under your shoulders and close to the body. Yes, it can be a bit of a process but once it’s done you can comfortably carry on with your work without stressing your back, shoulders and neck.

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Reasons to Consider Buying a High Quality Draughtsman Chair

What should you look for in a Draughtsman Chair

ESD Conductive Draughtsman Chair in Vinyl

ESD Conductive Draughtsman Chair in Vinyl

A draughtsman chair has several components, including armrests, footrests, height & back adjustment levers, and so on. Since all these play an important role in the overall functionality of the chair, it’s important to realize what each offers you.
The cheaper the chair, the more likely it is that the chair isn’t made to last. Buying from high-end manufacturers will get you the chairs with the longest lifespan.
Most chair manufacturers will guarantee their seats for only for a year or maybe two. However, high-end manufacturers will offer twice as long guarantees since they are more confident in the quality of their products.
The components of a high-end draughtsman chair are top-notch and will perform without fault as compared to a cheaper one.

Why Use Draughtsman Chairs

What is the point of these tall chairs?

ESD Conductive Draughtsman Chair in Fabric

ESD Conductive Draughtsman Chair in Fabric

Individuals in the office have to remain seated for hours at a stretch. It is both stressful and tiring. It can hinder your ability to perform consistently. This can become an even bigger challenge if your desk is at a height. Regular swivel chairs cannot be adjusted according to the height of the desk. This is why Draughtsman Chairs are recommended.
They provide the best possible support to your back and feet. There are a number of adjustment options in Draughtsman Chairs, which ensure your comfort. Everything, from the height to the seat back, can be adjusted to suit your needs. This is all the more reason for you to use these chairs.

Draughtsman Chairs – Spotting Improper Adjustments

Is you Draughtsman Chair adjusted correctly?

Draughtsman Chairs need to be adjusted properly to provide adequate support. At times, the chair adjustment seems comfortable but can cause muscle and joint aches. The best way to find out if your chair is properly adjusted is to perform a few checks.
Placement of Your Legs
The first thing you should check when adjusting your chair is the placement of your legs. The chair height should be adjusted such that you are easily able to slide your legs underneath your desk.
Positioning Your Arms
Your arms should come down on the work desk instead of having to be elevated. Working with your arms elevated can lead to shoulder aches.

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Draughtsman Chairs – Typical Adjustment Options

Draughtsman chairs are particularly known for their various adjustment capabilities. You can adjust the chair according to the height of your working desk and work for long hours conveniently and comfortably. Below are some typical adjustment options draughtsman chairs offers:
Height Adjustments
You can conveniently adjust the chair according to the height of the working desk using effective gas height adjustment levers below the chair.
Armrest Adjustments
Armrests can be raised or lowered so that they provide optimal support to your forearms and perfectly suit your height.
Back & Tilt Adjustments
Most of these chairs can be repositioned according to your back and tilt to ensure that your back is properly supported.

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Chairs Suitable For Draughtsmen – What To Look For

Finding the right Draughtsmen Chair for you.

E-Tek M12 Draughtsman Chair

E-Tek M12 Draughtsman Chair

You can find several types of Chairs Suitable for Draughtsmen, but you have to select the right one to ensure you can work comfortably. Let’s see what you need to look for in a draughtsman chair:
Easy To Access Adjustments
Almost every other draughtsman chair has an adjustable height. The only problem is that the adjustment controls are located in an awkward position. You may even need to get off the chair to adjust the height. This can be a nuisance. Make sure that the chair’s controls are easily accessible even when seated.
Multiple Adjustment Options
You cannot do with a single adjustment option. Select a chair that offers multiple adjustments for height, back and armrests. This will ensure your comfort when you are working.

Chairs for Draughtsmen – Proper Height Adjustment

When it comes to using Chairs for Draughtsmen, you have to adjust them properly.


Since draughtsman chairs are meant to be used with high desks, you have to adjust the height to ensure your feet do not dangle.
This is why you should make it a point to adjust it before commencing work. When you sit on the chair, adjust its height such that you are easily able to slide fingers under your thighs. If the chair is too high, you would not be able to do so. Do keep in mind that a chair that is adjusted too low can cause lumbar issues.

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Chairs for Draughtsman: Which One to Choose?

There are several types of chairs for draughtsman you can choose from. However, before making a decision, there are several factors you should take into account:

  • What purpose do you want the chair for?
  • What are the types of adjustment options you want?
  • Do you have frequent workspace changes?
  • Do you want armrests for additional comfort?
  • Do you require footrests?

After determining exactly what you require, you will be able to choose the best suited draughtsman chair. here is a link to our Draughtsman Chairs

Chair for a Draughtsman– Emphasized Leg Support

A draughtsman chair provides you significant ergonomic benefits.

The comfortable footrests ease leg problems and are effective for preventing lower back issues. Since this is one of the main reasons for reduced productivity, the footrest on your draughtsman chair proves to be quite useful. Here are some of its benefits:

Comfortable Posture
While you work, keeping your feet flat on the floor can cause serious problems, especially if your seat is high. Footrests, in this regard, can provide much needed support and rest to your feet, enabling you to work for hours at a stretch without discomfort.
Perfect Positioning of Feet
Footrests are a good idea for people who are short or work on higher desks. Most chairs are adjustable, and will provide better positioning for your feet.
Hence, a chair for a draughtsman is quite handy in solving your leg problems.

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Chair for A Draughtsman – A Necessity

Draughtsman work in a stressed position

E-Tek M10 Draughtsman Chair

E-Tek M10 Draughtsman Chair

Working at a high desk can be stressful, not to mention tiring. This is why it is necessary to ensure comfort. This is where a Chair for A Draughtsman comes in handy. Not only can it be adjusted, but it provides adequate support lumbar support as well.

Working at High Desks
Many workplaces use high desks in order to conserve space. High desks offer many advantages, but they can be a challenge to use. This is why employees prefer draughtsman chairs. They can easily be adjusted to a height.
Lumbar Support and Backache
Draughtsman chairs also provide excellent back support. You don’t have to sit uncomfortably. Most chairs have three adjustment levels that allow you to customize your chair’s position.
Draughtsman chairs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a workplace, but are a ergonomic necessity.