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2014 Brings The Brights

Bright colours have been proven to affect employee productivity says colour psychologist Angela Wright in a new study called The Colour Affects System.

Bringing bright colours into your office design need not break your budget. Cheap office furniture, such as brightly coloured filing cabinets and cheap office chairs in bright colours, will increase a person’s productivity dramatically whilst giving your office design a modern twist.

Ergonomic Draughtsman chairs

Flexibility is the main priority for organisations investing in office furniture..

Ergonomic Draughtsman chairsDraughtsman chairs, originally only used as industrial chairs (which are height adjustable) have seen an increase in popularity, offering a computer chair solution to the trend for multi-level working environments.

Office chairs will still need to swivel and be mobile and an additional priority, in response to longer working hours, is cushioning and back support. Draughtsman chairs are now available in trendy, customizable finishes to complement modern- industrial designed office furniture.

Here is a selection to some of our Draughtsman chairs

Open Plan Layout Offices

Office desks at differing heights, such as counter level bench desks brought in-vogue by the coffee shop culture, offer an open plan layout that encourages collaboration in a relatively small space.

The advancement of lighter, technology has given staff freedom in the office meaning they are more mobile.

Businesses now want office furniture to be flexible and to adapt quickly from a large meeting to an interview. Office desks with clever storage also make the most of available space, whilst maintaining an open plan layout.

Wider management thinking influences office design

Office furniture design in 2014 is primarily focused on increasing creativity and adapting to new technologies, with an emphasis on employee productivity.

A lot of research has been done over the years which has given us insight into the complex relationship we have with our surroundings. Studies as early as the The Hawthorne Effect have influenced businesses to bring design into their management strategy.

Another thing to influence design is the economic environment,  businesses generally have fewer employees, causing them to focus on the efficiency of their office furniture.