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Product Ref TC66EDE
Width 600mm
Depth 600mm
Height 720mm
Our price: £11.49
including VAT 20.00 % ( £1.91 )

Product Descriptions

  • Looking for a table that not easily folds but also occupies less space?
  • We have come up with the Economy Exam desk who has the solution to your problem. Happy?
  • Read this desk's features below to know more about it.
  • Economy Exam desk comes with a 15mm top and 19mm thick steel frame.
  • Their round corner shape is safe for the classroom.
  • Anyone can easily fold this flat desk which is extremely suitable for wheelchair access.
  • This economy exam desk also has a 15mm beech MDP top with an integral pen groove. So, without the tension of losing a pen, you can easily keep it there.


  • This product comes with a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. The guarantee is effective from the date of supply. 
  • We reserve the right not to apply the guarantee in cases of inappropriate use or where a product has been tampered with by a third party or interventions by non-authorized personnel.


  • Items are usually delivered in 1-2 working days (Delivery is to mainland UK only).

Buying Guide

How to secure the right table that meets multiple needs. Folding tables are now in the trend. we can use the folding desk not only for the classroom but for many purposes. It's not just a piece of furniture. It's something you can utilize for many things. You can have this affordable, portable, easy to maintain, easy to store desk through our website which is relax office furniture. But before buying there are many online websites are available out there. Where you can compare the price and information easily. Different foldable desk is very resourceful. Let me tell you a few main differences below.

  • A long but narrow size folding table is best for the buffet.
  • A long-medium size folding table can be used for serving dinner.
  • You can use the medium-size table for the kitchen or for study purposes or can also be used for the office.
  • Small square-shaped size folding desks are good for carom, ludo, playing cards, etc.
  • An extra-large folding table can be used for business conferences, meetings, and for other purposes.
  • But before procuring you need to consider a few points in your mind.

Shape and Size

  • A long - round-shaped table should be used for the classrooms.
  • A long, narrow size table should be used for lunch, picnic, etc.


  • You must have an idea of what's your requirement and which material you want to buy. Either it's wood, plastic, steel, or rust-proof aluminum.


  • Select the product and compare the price and information by visiting the different websites then make a decision accordingly.

Storage space

  • Check if your classroom, office, and home have that much space to store the desk or not. If not, subsequently choose the economic exam desk accordingly.

Hope that you will like the economic exam desk buying guide.