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Eco 18 Cupboard 1200mm Height

Eco 18 Cupboard 1200mm Height
Eco 18 Cupboard 1200mm Height Eco 18 Cupboard 1200mm Height Eco 18 Cupboard 1200mm Height
Product Ref SKU194511
Guarantee 2 Years
Width 740mm
Depth 340mm
Height 1200mm
Our price: £410.40
including VAT 20.00 % ( £68.40 )
A range of storage constructed from sturdy 18mm MFC with closed hardboard backs. Supplied complete with shelves.
• A desk high bookcase available in 2 finishes
• One shelf included
• Closed hardboard back
• Supplied with Black adjustable feet for levelling
• Durable metal to metal fixings
• Floating shelf position can be adjusted to your preference
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