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Relax Office Furniture - News and Offers

Monday 13th August 2018
View our popular Smart office furniture range and white Smart office furniture range. Stylish office furniture at competitive prices. Fast next day delivery.
Wednesday 8th August 2018
Quality range of plan chests. Manufacturerd in 18mm scratch resistant, laminated MDF with 8mm solid drawer bases. Drawers are glued and pinned for extra strength. Available as static or mobile (with castors) plan chests and delivered fully built. Made in England and delivered fully built.
Monday 2nd July 2018
Our cheapest office chair now discounted even further for a limited time only to just £39.00+vat including next working day delivery. Available in blue, black or charcoal fabric.
Thursday 21st June 2018
The new Franklin 24 hour usage leather office chair. Suitable for call centres and where 24 hour shift work is in operation. A robust and solid chair, fully adjustable and complete with headrest and adjustable lumbar support.
Wednesday 6th June 2018
Premium Pigeonhole Units with 3mm Acrylic height adjustable shelves and supplied complete with labelling strips. Available in various sizes and finishes including beech, maple, oak, grey or white. Delivered built and manufactured in England.
Thursday 24th May 2018
The Lisbon Office Chair available in a range of fabrics with seat tilt and lumbar support.
Friday 11th May 2018
All leather executive office chairs with 10% off. - Extended to the end of May!!!
Wednesday 4th April 2018
The Dominator range of Office Desk Screens now available. For more information check out this short review on two tone office desks. With white panel end legs and a 25mm desk top in a beech, oak, maple, walnut or white finish. Complementary pedestals and storage available in this range.

Relax Office Furniture - Suppliers of quality office chairs, draughtsman chairs and office furniture.

Relax Office Furniture, suppliers of office chairs and office furniture with fast delivery on stocked products throughout mainland UK and and suppliers of bespoke office chairs and draughtsman chairs made to order to suit your requirements. All of our stocked office chairs are available on a next working day delivery throughout mainland UK. We have various styles and sizes of office chairs with various ranges manufactured to order which offer a range of fabrics and chair options to compliment your office. We also supply a range of draughtsman chairs, factory chairs and industrial seating including polyurethane chairs, PU draughtsman chairs, cleanroom chairs and ESD chairs (Electro Static Dissipative) which are suitable for environments such as laboratory and micro-electronic manufacturing areas.

Our range of office chairs includes executive leather office chairs, operator chairs, 24 hour chairs (suitable for call centres and control rooms), mesh chairs, draughtsman chairs and a range of industrial seating for a host of environments and applications including in the factory, production and packing areas. Our draughtsman chairs are suitable for areas with high benches or counters such as labs, reception counters, architect drawing boards or high desks.

We have a huge range of office furniture to offer including office desks, pedestals and storage in a range of styles, sizes and finishes. We also supply various ranges of office storage including plan chests, pigeon hole units and office cupboards.

From a budget operator chair to a leather executive office chair, to an ESD draughtsman chair, we are sure to have the right office chair to suit your requirements. Please browse through our office furniture ranges and if there's something you require that you don't see, please contact us and will do our best to help.

We also supply a large range of office and school storage solutions including pigeon hole units, box file storage units, plan chests and paper storage units. As well a complete range of education furniture for schools and colleges. We are a passionate, customer-focused company and will go above and beyond to see that your office furniture needs are met. Over the years, we’ve helped clients in a wide array of industries, working closely with them to deliver high quality office furniture and chairs at competitive prices. Whether you prefer to talk by phone or email, at Relax Office Furniture Ltd we strive to provide fantastic solutions in the quickest possible time. Call us today to find out more.

We can offer a full delivery and installation service on our office furniture with a very professional and clean service. Please contact us for more details and pricing. Most of our furniture is available on a next day delivery service.

Choosing the Right Office Chair and Seating Posture

To prevent pain or damage to the body it is important to maintain a good posture. Unfortunately many people after sitting for a long time tend to slouch down or over the chair. This is very dangerous and can cause extensive strain to the spine and overstretch back muscles. It is thus important for one to maintain a good sitting posture whenever you are sat down. Here are a few guidelines to help you put your body in order when sitting down.

The industrial and tech revolution have drastically changed man’s life. Today many people do much of their work sitting down. For most people working in an office, sitting occupies much of your day. In fact many of us do spend a lot of our time sitting down whether at home or at work. Life as it is today involves a lot of sitting with just a few moments standing or walking.

However sitting for a long time whether in the office or at home can be detrimental to your back; it can cause pain in your lower back and if you might have had a previous problem with your back, it may worsen the situation. The static posture that one keeps for that long time tends to increase stress on the shoulders, arms, legs and the back.

1. Choose the right chair
The office chair that you sit on determines how you will set your body. It is thus important to have the right chair so as to ensure that your back and more specifically your spine does not go through any unnecessary stress. Ergonomics, the study of how one fits in their work environment has led to the development of ergonomic chairs. An ergonomic chair is specifically designed to ensure that your body is well placed and is well supported to ensure that you do not slouch down or slouch over while you are working or even at home. If you are committed to maintaining a good seating posture then do consider going the extra mile of choosing the chair you sit on carefully; choose an ergonomic chair.

Some alternatives to the traditional office chair are the Swiss exercise ball or the Swedish kneeling chair and draughtsman chairs. These chairs are designed to maximize movement while sitting, an important factor to ensure that your back muscles are not strained by continuous sitting.

2. Arm and Elbow positioning
As you adjust your chair make sure that the arms are parallel to your spine. Put the desk as close to you as you can. The forearms and the wrist should be parallel to the floor such that the arms form an L-shape with the elbow being at a 90-degrees angle. The keyboard should be placed in front of you leaving a gap of about 4-6 inches between the keyboard and the edge of the desk so as to provide a space for you to rest your wrists between bouts of typing.

3. Eye level
The computer monitor should be placed just right in front of you so that your gaze be aimed at the centre of the screen. Any deviation from the centre will cause you to slouch and also increase the strain on your upper spine.

4. Feet rested on the floor
Finally, your feet should be rested on the floor, flat. This helps with posture, if they aren’t, you can use a footrest that can raise your feet to a comfortable level for you. Also be careful not to cross your legs as this can lead to posture related problems.

5. Support the back
As stated earlier much of the strain that comes from sitting for a long time goes to the back. It is thus recommended that while sitting, you provide as much support as you can for your back. You should adjust your chair to ensure that your lower back is sufficiently supported so as to reduce the strain on the back. You should also get an adjustable chair so that you can easily change back position, height and tilt for maximum comfort.

6. Thigh and Calf measure
You should be able to slide your fingers under the space between your thigh and the edge of the office chair. If you can’t, then you need to raise your feet using an adjustable foot rest. You should also be able to fit your clenched fist between your calf and the front of your chair. If your fist does not fit then you need to adjust the back rest by pushing it forward.

There are other many documented ways to achieve a good seating posture but no matter the method, everyone should follow through so as to avoid future back problems.